Precise Time and Frequency Inc introduces the ptf 3207A GlobalTyme 2 advanced GPS/GNSS Receiver. Delivering the same reliable results as its predecessor, it features some new capabilities and extras to make it even more attractive to current and new users.

buttonLike many technologies, capabilities in time and frequency performance tend to be iterative. The ptf 3203A allowed many applications to provide improved data transmission speed/bandwidth, as evidenced by the proliferation of these units in major Teleports around the world.

Combining accuracy and stability to deliver consistent quality, the ptf 3203A has become the de facto standard of many different applications. With even lower phase noise, improved accuracy and stability, and a range of additional features, it is anticipated that the ptf 3207A will be even more successful, enabling further advances in speed and performance. The ptf 3207A also adds Glonass, QZSS, and SBAS (with provision for Beidou and Galileo) to the existing GPS Disciplined capability of the ptf 3203A.

Global Navigation Systems

Once cutting edge, GPS technology was the only choice. Now there are many more options providing users the ability to select the constellation of their choosing. While the GlobalTyme 2 still provides the GPS option, it has been designed to work with other existing and up and coming Global Navigation Systems as well, mitigating risk by eliminating dependency on any one individual technology.


The GlobalTyme 2 is ready to go out of the box. Depending on your needs it can be used as a comprehensive time standard, or a high performance frequency standard, or both. It comes prepared to accept a Galileo receiver engine, and can accommodate a variety of different input sources. GNS antenna and cable are included.

Full of Options

The GlobalTyme 2 is available with a number of oscillator options. Whatever your needs, this instrument can deliver. It is carefully designed so that it can easily work with:

  • OCXO
  • Rubidium
  • Ultra Low noise OCXO (ULNO)

There is considerable choice when it comes to outputs. In standard form the unit comes equipped with three outputs: 10MHz RF sine, IRIG B(am) Time Code, and 1PPS (one pulse per second). The digital (1PPS) output can alternatively be programmed through the unit firmware to provide 1PPM (minute), 1PHH(half hour), or 1PPH(hour). The programmable clock feature also allows digital outputs to be set to virtually any required frequency, or a pulse width modulated version of time code (DCLS). Options for adding 100kHz, 1 MHz, and 5MHz outputs are also available.

Precise Time and Frequency, Inc. ( was founded in 2002 by Daniel Whelan and David Briggs. PTF products are widely used in communications, location services, and timekeeping functions. They deliver the precision and reliability needed for sensitive applications in both commercial and military fields. The combination of Briggs’ electronics engineering background and Whelan’s experience in business and finance came together to create a truly unique company. Their mission is to provide customers with excellent performance at an affordable price.