We would like to express our appreciation for this free warranty extension that also proves the quality and reliability of your products and makes us even more favorable to selecting ptf again for our upcoming projects. Thank you very much……..
NG – Europe, August 2015
I was very pleased with the support from ptf when we had a somewhat unorthodox application for using the ptf 3203A NTP server, and unfortunately the standard unit would not do what we needed. ptf was able to provide a custom solution which worked perfectly – thank you !
JZ – Texas, April 2016
Quality of the products is excellent, the ordering process is easy, the products are invariably delivered on or ahead of time, and the ptf team is easy to work with. A great company with which to do business.
DA – Colorado, March 2015
After many years of dealing with ptf we have had great performance, very few problems and excellent support to insure our customers receive the quality of service they expect from us all over Asia. Thumbs up for ptf !
PP – Asia, August 2014
About 10 years ago we began using the PTF’s GPS timing and distribution products as a smaller and less expensive alternative to our prior sources. The performance and accuracy has been every bit as good and we have used them exclusively in our programs ever since. Their modularity allows us to customize configurations for a variety of applications and they have been willing and able to incorporate a number of our special requirements. The reliability of their products has been first rate, the responsiveness from everyone on their team makes them a pleasure to work with, and we will continue to use their products in all of our systems – which have been successfully fielded in shelters, ships, transit cases, and aircraft.
Program Manager, Boeing Corporation