The ptf 3201B provides an alternative low-cost solution for applications requiring a GPS receiver but with a 12 channel receiver and additional remote monitoring/ control functionality over the 3201A. The 3201B offers control/monitor on both RS 232 and Ethernet ports plus a “time print” RS 232 port, thus allowing interfacing to a wider range of equipment. This additional functionality comes in a package which is still offered at a low cost to the end user.

The ptf 3201B uses at its heart a microprocessor-CPLD combination interfacing to a 12-channel GPS receiver, control circuitry and a high-quality ovenized oscillator all on a single board. The result is high integrity and reliability.

As with the 3201A, the level of integration of the ptf 3201B makes it the perfect solution for the precise timing applications within the wireless industry. Among its uses are synchronizing and maximizing bandwidth for wireless local loop.

The ptf 3201B’s GPS Clock outputs a 10 MHz reference signal and a 1PPS signal with an over-determined solution synchronized to GPS or UTC time. The 10MHz reference accommodates applications requiring sub-microsecond timing.

The microprocessor/CPLD combination performs both the GPS navigation and oscillator disciplining functions. The GPS receiver is driven directly by the 10MHz output signal of the oscillator. This is calibrated against the incoming GPS signal, with the resulting clock and frequency measurements fed into the oscillator frequency control algorithm.

The ptf 3201B operates on the coarse acquisition (C/A) code transmitted from each satellite. This C/A code, which is unique for each satellite, contains information on the satellite identity for acquisition and tracking. The C/A pseudo random number (PRN) code is a 1023 bit code that repeats at the rate of every millisecond.

Operating on the L1 band and utilizing the C/A code transmissions, the ptf 3201B determines time and frequency by measuring the time of arrival of a precise timing mark transmitted by each of the satellites, and computing the time against its known (previously determined or entered) position. This is the basis for the ptf 3201B’s one pulse per second (1PPS) output.

• GPS Tracking: 12 parallel channels
• Ovenized Quartz Oscillator
• 7 μs Over 8 Hours
• 1PPS and 10MHz Outputs
• GPS Antenna and Cable Included
• Low Cost
• Convenient 1U , 19″ rack mount package

GPS Sub-system
L1 frequency, C/A code (SPS)
12-channel continuous tracking receiver


10MHz Special Low Phase Noise Output
+12.5dBm ±2.5dBm into 50Ω
1PPS Referenced to UTC, BNC Connector TTL
levels into 50Ω 20 nanoseconds (one
sigma) in fixed position mode.

Additive SSB Phase Noise

(1 Hz Bandwidth) Offset from carrier

1 Hz -94 dB
10 Hz -125 dB
100Hz -155 dB
1 kHz -162 dB
10 kHz -162 dB

Harmonic Level -40 dBc max

Spurious -70 dBc max

Oscillator (OCXO)

Aging <5E-10/day <5E-8/year
Electrical Control Range ±5E-7

Controls & Indicators

Power Green LED
Lock Green LED
Fault Red LED



Operating -0° to +60° C
Storage -40° to +85° C

Maximum Altitude 18,000 meters

Relative Humidity

Chassis 0 to 95%, RH non-condensing
Antenna Unlimited

Power Requirements

Input voltage 90 to 264 VAC
Input Freq. Range 45 to 65 Hz
DC (optional)  

Dimensions (HxWxD) 1U x 19” x 16”


Chassis <10 lbs
Antenna <1.5 lbs

Configuration Options

Option # Description
RSLD Mounted Rackslides