GPS Glitch January 2016

Introduction. On January 26, 2016, a temporary error in the data upload system for the US Air Force Global Positioning Satellite System (GPS) caused incorrect data to be transmitted from the satellites on the commercial L1 band channel used by most commercial GPS receivers. A statement released by the US Air Force is shown below: [...]

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The Next Iteration for High Performance Applications

Precise Time and Frequency Inc introduces the ptf 3207A GlobalTyme 2 advanced GPS/GNSS Receiver. Delivering the same reliable results as its predecessor, it features some new capabilities and extras to make it even more attractive to current and new users. Like many technologies, capabilities in time and frequency performance tend to be iterative. The ptf [...]

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Our New Website

We are proud to announce our new website at! We have updated the site with a sharp new look and feel, but we hope to add much more to the customer experience than just aesthetics. We want to make it as simple as possible for you, our viewers, to get what you want from [...]

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