The mobile version of the ptf GlobalTyme GPS Receivers provides the same functionality as the static version, with the additional feature of being able to operate in mobile mode for both ground and airborne applications. Available in both 1U (3203A) and 2U (3204A) versions, the units can be configured as a high performance frequency standard, a comprehensive time standard, or both.

Performance is application tailored with a range of local oscillator options including TCXO(standard), OCXO, Ultra Low noise oscillator, and high performance rubidium.

In standard configuration, the unit is equipped with 10MHz (options to add 100 kHz, 1 MHz, and 5 MHz), 1PPS and IRIG B(am) outputs.

Additional options for telecommunications signals of E1 (2048 kHz) or T1(1544 kHz) clock are also available. Internal RF distribution can be fitted to provide up to 10(3203AB) or 20(3204AB)10MHz outputs .
For timing, synchronization and time keeping, the unit provides optional NTP, TP and Daytime Protocol, in addition to the standard 1PPS and IRIG B outputs. The 1PPS output is accurate within <20ns (1 sigma) of UTC(USNO).
Velocity (2D and 3D), heading, and position coordinates are available through commands on the console/monitor ports and additional status screens on the front panel display(display option only)

• GPS Tracking: 12 parallel channel
• Acquisition Time: <1.5 m (warm start)
• Accuracy (1PPS): <20ns(static mode)
• Accuracy (1PPS): <100ns(mobile mode)
• 100/10 Base T Ethernet
• NTP (optional ), Telnet
• Monitor/Control i/f
• Alarm indicator and output
• 1MHz, 5MHz o/p options
• GPS antenna and cable included
• Available in 1U(3203AB) and 2U(3204AB)


Unit 0 deg C to 50 deg C
Antenna -40 to +85 deg C

Unit -20 to 70 deg C
Antenna -40 to 100 deg C

Unit 0-95% RH(non-cond)
Antenna Mil-STD-810E

Power Requirements  
AC input (+/-15%) 90-264 VAC
DC input(opt) 18V to 72V DC

3203A 1Ux19"x16"
3204A 2Ux19"x16"
Relative Humidity 0-95% (non-cond.)

Dynamic Characteristics  
Velocity 1800km/hr(515m/s)
Altitude 60,000 ft / 18,000m
Acceleration 4g maximum
Jerk 5 m/s3
PPSI External 1PPS in
MOPS Multi RF outputs
RF01 1MHz sine x 4
RF05 5MHz sine x 4
RF10 10MHz sine x 4
RF100 100MHz sine x 4
TIME IRIG B(am)x 4
PULS Pulse Distr.x 4
OPTO Optical Fiber Output
OPTI Optical Fiber Input
RUBS Std perf. Rubidium
RUBH Hi perf. Rubidium
ULNO Ultra Low Noise o/p
DISP Front panel keypad/Display
DCPS DC power Supply
NTPO Network Time Protocol
SNMP Simple Network Mgt Prot.
HTTP Web Browser
WINA Window Mount antenna
LKIT Lightning Protection Kit
RSLD Mounted rack slides