3203A & 3204A GlobalTyme Multi Function GPS Receivers

The ptf GlobalTymeTM Multi Function GPS Receiver provides extraordinary stability in a highly flexible approach to using the caesium stability of the GPS satellite system. Available in both 1U (3203A) and 2U (3204A) versions, the GlobalTymeTM can be configured as a high performance frequency standard, a comprehensive time standard, or both.

Frequency standard performance is application tailored with a range of local oscillator options including TCXO(standard), OCXO, Ultra Low noise oscillator, rubidium, and high performance rubidium.

In standard configuration, the GlobalTymeTM is equipped with 10MHz (options to add 100 kHz, 1 MHz, and 5 MHz), 1PPS and IRIG B(am) outputs. Additional options for telecommunications signals of E1 (2048 kHz) or T1(1544 kHz) clock are also available.

Internal RF distribution can be fitted to provide up to 10(3203A) or 20(3204A)10MHz outputs .

For timing, synchronization and time keeping, the unit provides optional NTP, TP and Daytime Protocol, in addition to the standard 1PPS and IRIG B outputs. The 1PPS output is accurate within < 20 nano seconds (1 sigma) An optional 1PPS input offers system redundancy or simply alternatively master reference input to the GPS if desired. For monitoring and control the unit houses both RS232 serial and 100/10 BaseT Ethernet (RJ 45) with various protocols suited to different user needs including Telnet, SNMP(optional) and a browser driven web interface.

• GPS Tracking: 12 parallel channels
• Acquisition Time: <1.5 minutes (warm start)
• Accuracy (1PPS): <20ns
• 100/10 Base T Ethernet
• NTP (optional ), Telnet
• Monitor/Control i/f
• Alarm indicator and output
• 1MHz, 5MHz o/p options
• GPS antenna and cable included
• Available in 1U(3203A) and 2U(3204A)


GPS Rx 12 parallel channel

Front Panel Vacuum Fluorescent

RF Outputs*

10MHz sine wave 1V rms into 50 ohms
5MHz (opt) 1V rms into 50 ohms
1MHz (opt) 1V rms into 50 ohms
100kHz(opt) 1V rms into 50 ohms

* Standard configuration offers 10MHz sine wave, I RIG B(am) and 1PPS outputs

Digital Outputs

1PPS 5V CMOS into 50 ohms
Prog 5V CMOS into 50 ohms
Pulse Rates (1PPS to 10MPPS)

100/10 Ethernet i/f RJ-45 Connector
Telnet monitoring/configuration/control
HTTP configuration control
DHCP TCP/IP auto configuration

Serial Interface

RS232 Control/Monitor(DB9)
RS232(opt) Time Output(DB9)

Timing Outputs

IRIG B(am) 3v p-p into 600 ohm
IRIG B(DCLS) 5V into 50 ohm
IEEE 1344 compliant  

10MHz <2E-12 (Locked to GPS)
1PPS <20ns wrt UTC (1 sigma)
NTP <10ms (typical)

Stability (Allan Deviation)

1s 2E-10 3E-11 3E-11 3E-11
10s 2E-10 2E-11 2E-11 2E-11
100s 1E-9 3E-11 3E-12 3E-12

Aging (when in holdover)

1 day   1E-9 5E-10 1.7E-12
1 month       5E-11
1 year       5E-10

Phase Noise(SSB)

1Hz -72dBc -94dBc -108dBc -90dBc
10Hz -93dBc -125dBc -125dBc -130dBc
100Hz -115dBc -155dBc -155dBc -145dBc
1000Hz -126dBc -162dBc -165dBc -150dBc
10kHz   -162dBc -165dBc -150dBc

Spurious (OCXO option)

Offset from carrier  
1kHz to 200kHz <-100dBc
200kHz to 1MHz <-80dBc
1MHz to 10MHz <-80dBc

Front Panel

Fault Amber LED
Lock Green LED
Power Green LED

3203A & 3204A GlobalTyme Data Sheet

3203A & 3204A GlobalTyme User Manual