1603A Broadband RF Distribution Amplifier with Remote M/C

Building on the success of the 1203C Broadband RF Distribution amplifier, the 1603A provides additional high performance
frequency outputs, enhanced this with a full remote monitor and control interface.

With the monitor and control, a remote user can easily monitor status of each of the inputs/outputs of the unit on either RS232 or Ethernet with Telnet, web browser and SNMP interfaces. Optionally the unit can take two separate inputs into an input switch with either fully automatic or manual control.
For added flexibility, individual outputs can be enabled/disabled via remote control so that unused outputs are isolated from the alarm system.

Input and output status is immediately evident from front panel indicators of each channel. Also auto/manual selection of the auto switched input is available from the front panel key pad.

In most applications the phase noise capability of the unit will out-perform the input signal performance to such a degree that no additive phase noise will be noticeable on the outputs.

Isolation output to output is >100 dB and harmonics are <-40 dB. The unit provides a fixed gain of 1, and all outputs are provided on convenient BNC connectors. Outputs provide up to 13dBm into a 50 ohm load.

 Input frequencies 500kHz to 50MHz
 16 Broadband Outputs
 Low Additive Phase Noise
 Isolation (>100dB typical)
 Remote Monitoring of RMS Output Levels
 Remote Selection of Active Outputs
 Input Auto Switch (option)
 Adjustable Output Level (option)
 Low Cost
 Convenient 1U, 19″ rack mount package

RF Output (sixteen)  
Frequency Range 500kHz to 50MHz
  Broadband outputs
Level 1V rms (nominal)
Harmonic Distortion <-40 dB
Non-Harmonic Signals <-80 dB
Load Impedance 50 ohm
Isolation >100 dB
Connectors BNC

Additive SSB Phase Noise  
(1 Hz Bandwidth) Offset from carrier  
1 Hz -135 dB
10 Hz -150 dB
100 Hz -160 dB
1,000 Hz -165 dB
10,000 Hz -165 dB

RF Inputs  
Frequency Range 500kHz to 50MHz
Level 1 V rms (nominal)
Alarm Output Summary alarm
indicates failure of
any output signal
Non-alarm condition: Relay energized
(fail safe)
Connector: 9 pin D-male
Controls & Indicators  
Each Channel Green/Red LED,
Input Manual/Auto
Red LED(manual)
Keypad Manual/Auto
Channel (A/B)
Ethernet RJ 45, Rear Panel
RS232 DB9 Rear panel
Web Browser  
NOTE: Chassis reversible for front panel

Environmental & Physical  
Temperature: 0° to 55° C
Relative Humidity: 0 to 95%, non-condensing
Power Requirements  
AC Input (±15%) 90 - 264 VAC, <10W
DC Input (optional)  
Dimensions (HxWxD): 1U x 19” x 16”

1603A Broadband RF Distribution PDF DOCUMENT