The ptf 1206A (1U) & ptf 1207A (2U) provide the flexibility of distributing a variety of signals from one highly configurable box With ptf’s quad-bloc distribution cards you can build a system that is tailored to your specific needs. Based on the ptf family of Distribution products, ptf quad-blocs are available for Broadband RF, Digital, Pulse and Modulated IRIG Distribution. Dual input A/B autoswitching capabilities are also available as an option.

The ptf Broadband RF Distribution provides high performance frequency references for laboratory or system use. In most applications the phase noise capability of the ptf Broadband RF Distribution will out-perform the input signal performance to such a degree that no additive phase noise will be noticeable on the outputs. Isolation output to output is ~100 dB and harmonics are <-40 dB. The ptf Digital Signal Distribution is a flexible platform used for distribution of various pulse formats (e.g. 1 PPS, 1 PPM, 10 PPM, etc). The ptf Digital Signal Distribution will also distribute digital timing signals such as IRIG-B DCLS format. Through decades of timing design experience, the ptf team is able to reproduce precision pulse input signals with the minimum of propagation delays, with two stages of input signal buffering to distribute the input signal to 12 separate outputs and insure maximum isolation between individual output signals. The ptf Modulated IRIG Distribution uses at its heart a broadband design combining the latest technology in low noise components, to distribute modulated IRIG signal input to provide separate outputs. The ptf Auto Switch is purpose designed for time and frequency applications where reliability criteria call for redundant RF, Pulse and timing sources. The unit accepts a preconfigured input consisting of either an RF (sine) signal, a pulse (typically 1 PPS), or Timing (IRIG) signals. The primary signal is monitored and automatically switches to the backup channel within ~ 3msec (typical).

• Input Frequencies 500kHz to 50MHz
• 100 MHz Option Available
• 12 Broadband Outputs
• Low Additive Phase Noise
• Isolation (>100dB typical)
• Minimum Skew & Propagation Delay
• Pulse and IRIG DCLS
• Superior IRIG-B Signal Distribution
• High Channel Isolation
• Available in 1U & 2U , 19″ rack mount package
• Low Cost


Frequency Range 500kHz to 50MHz
1 kHz - 20 MHz (optional)
Level 1V rms (nominal)
Harmonic Distortion <-40 dB
Non-Harmonic Signals <-80 dB
Load Impedance 50∧
Isolation >90 dB*
Connectors BNC
*Isolation alternating channels >100 dB, up to 30MHz

Additive SSB Phase Noise
(1 Hz Bandwidth) Offset from 10MHz
1 Hz -120 dB
10 Hz -135 dB
100 Hz -145 dB
1,000 Hz -155 dB
10,000 Hz -160 dB

RF Input
Frequency Range 500kHz to 50MHz
1 kHz - 20 MHz (optional)
Level 1 V rms (nominal)

Alarm Output
Summary alarm indicates failure of any output signal
Non-alarm condition: Relay energized (fail safe)
Connector: 9 pin D-male

Input Level
10V max (0-5V nominal)

Output Level 0 - 5V
Output Impedance 50 Ohms
Load Impedance 50 Ohms

Frequency Range 50MHz maximum

Rise Time <2ns

Ch to Ch Skew <5ns (multi-cards), <1ns (1 card)

Time Code Input/Output

Code Format IRIG A,B,D,E,G & H
Modulation Frequency 1kHz to 1MHz
Modulation Ratio 3:1
Amplitude 6V P-P into 50 Ohms
50 Ohm source impedance
Connectors BNC
Impedance 50 Ohms


Switching Time <3 milli seconds (typical)
Type Relays (Failsafe)
Break before Make
Switch Control Auto/Remote/Local
Controls & Indicators
Power Green LED,
power is connected
Alarm Red LED,
signal output failure


Temperature: 0° to 55° C
Relative Humidity: 0 to 95%, non-condensing
Power Requirements
AC Input (±15%) 90 - 264 VAC, <10W
DC Input (optional)
Dimensions (HxWxD): 1U x 19” x 12”

Configuration Options
Option # Description
RF10 1MHz to 10MHz Sinewave out (x4)
RF100 100MHz Sinewave out (x4)
TIME Time Code Output
PULS Pulse Distribution (x4)
TELC T1/E1 Distribution (x4)
AUTO Auto Switch (Digital, Irig, or RF)
DCPS DC Power Supply
RSLD Mounted Rackslides